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Halls for All

I have long held that service to our country honorably done should be recognized in some way. We, in this United States, have honored entertainers and athletes in many ways...especially with Halls of Fame. My research shows that three states - Arizona, Ohio, and Connecticut - already have such Halls set up. To my disappointment, however, they are "virtual halls" available only with computer and Internet connections.

I would like to propose and institute a real Hall of Fame for Veterans here in our great Commonwealth, coupled with a museum, which could be a New England military and veteran's museum. I also believe that many towns and cities will vie for this complex for their locations because it will be a great tourist attraction.

My proposal will call for a short 250 word biography on any veteran that every called Massachusetts home; before, during, or after service. Decorated veterans will be included in era displays and/or special group listings with more information and recognition. All of this in The Hall of Honor--Enshrined in The Hall of Fame will be those veterans of extremely distinguished service and highly decorated, to be nominated and voted on by the board of trustees.

In the museum, displays could include service displays such as history of the service rank structure with an explanation with up-to-date changes, uniforms and mission charges with up-to-date changes, era displays, Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, etc. If outdoor space is sufficient, we could have different re-enactments during the year.

These are just some glimpses of the vision I have for this project. However, I have absolutely no wherewithal to make this a reality, that's why I need help. Your help depends on your abilities and levels of commitment. At the very least, I hope that you would support the idea, tell others about it. Call, write, or e-mail your representatives at the state level, government or veteran organizations and the governor. If you have technical and/or organizational skills, research expertise, contacts, ideas, or just wish to help, please contact me, Mike Schieb, at 13 Sargeant Ave., Chicopee MA 01020. I will advise you of meetings and progress bi-annually until a board is set up.

Mike Schieb