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Hope & Change?

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. After four year of campaigning Barack Obama has finally given us a look into what his "Hope and Change" will look like. It was not the throngs of mainstream media fawning over him who pried it out of Obama. No, it was Joe the Plumber who was able to elicit from Barack that his change is "sharing the wealth." For those of us who are busy watching "Dancing with the Stars" income redistribution cleverly disguised as "sharing the wealth" or "helping the guy behind us" is one of the main pillars of socialism.

There have been a plethora of letters to the editor voicing how scared and afraid the writers are at the thought of Sarah Palin becoming VP. I wonder if they are just a tiny bit nervous at the thought of Obama becoming President and marching us down the road to socialism so we can look more like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, France, etc. all under the guise of "Hope and Change."

Linda Fitzgerald

East Longmeadow