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I can do better

Date: 8/10/2010

In the August 4, 2010 Reminder State Representative Sandlin is quoted as stating "For those who say they can do it better, I say show me."

I am Anthony Bonavita an unenrolled independent candidate for State Representative for the Third Hampden District. I am on the ballot for Nov. 2.

Here's how I can and will do it better. Here's my position on 11 major issues:

1. No state benefits for illegal aliens

2. Against transgender bathroom bill

3. Reduce state sales tax and personal income tax

4. No contributions from PAC's, lobbyists or special interest groups

5. Against continuing Bunker Hill and Evacuation Days for Boston special interests

6. Against construction of a biomass plant that will further pollute the atmosphere

7. No additional restrictions on guns

8. No new taxes

9. Support veteran's services and services for seniors

10. Supports a strong educational system, which is a major deterrent to crime, substance abuse and bullying

11. Support tax incentives for business to create jobs

I ask the voters to focus in on where the candidates stand on the issues. While I do not expect everyone to agree with me on every issue, I do ask that they evaluate me on the totality of where I stand. I have the life experience and determination to succeed for the Third Hampden District.

Let the people decide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anthony C. Bonavita