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Importance of CPA

Date: 2/16/2011

We would like to recognize State Sen. James Welch and Rep. Nicholas Boldyga, who recently co-sponsored An Act to Sustain Community Preservation. This legislation stabilizes the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund, which has distributed $2,200,554 to our town since we adopted the CPA.

The CPA allows communities like ours to preserve open space, rehabilitate historic resources, and support community housing.

Because of Sen. Welch and Rep. Boldyga's support, Agawam will be able to do more important projects like the completion of School Street Park. The CPA preserves the quality of life in Agawam, and we appreciate Sen. Welch and Rep. Boldyga's efforts to keep the Act strong.

The Agawam CPA will continue to work with our legislators and local officials to offer support for this important legislation.

Agawam Community Preservation Committee