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Independent voted for Brown

Date: 2/1/2010

I would agree that the election of Scott Brown was not a direct attack on President Obama, but I do believe that there was a message in this election about some positions taken by this administration. I think that two things in particular played very heavily into the outcome of this election and they were:

1. The health package which I do feel created many votes for Senator Brown.

2. That Coakley took such a negative turn that it contributed to her loss in this election. I don't know who the strategists were in her campaign, but I absolutely question their wisdom in turning this into a negative campaign. When the campaign started the Coakley ads were about promoting her attributes and as the campaign went on the ads moved away from promoting her to simply trying to discredit Scott Brown, which I found to be very disturbing, even though I will state that I supported Martha Coakley.

I pride myself on being an independent voter because I want to vote for the person who best represents the views that I think are important. In this election the Coakley campaign strategists totally moved away from the issues at hand and their negativity had to be a determining factor in the way many people voted.

By the way, your comments about City Jake were well deserved. Kudos to City Jake for maintaining his commitment to downtown Springfield.

Allen G. Zippin