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In Favor of New School

The student leaders of Longmeadow High School, as representatives of our peers, would like to advocate for the construction of a new high school. Since its construction in 1955, LHS has undoubtedly provided a stimulating, nurturing environment for achievement. This can be attested to by our consistently high test scores and our outstanding accomplishments outside the classroom in music, athletics, art, etc. Unfortunately, we believe that the current state of the building is no longer as conducive to success. Much of the structure is crumbling. The science facilities are woefully inadequate and outdated. The locker rooms and restrooms are unsanitary and malfunctioning. The lack of performing and rehearsing space is the sole inhibiting factor of the growth of our music department. Many, many more problems will likely be found through a feasibility study, all pointing to the undeniable fact that as LHS students look to the future, their building remains stuck in its decrepit '50s condition.

Now a great opportunity has arisen for us to obtain a new building, with more up-to-date facilities, better safety precautions and a healthier atmosphere that will undoubtedly ensure future success amongst LHS students. The LHS class officers believe that the construction of such a building for future students will be integral to their continued achievement, a worthy investment. We encourage the school committee and the town to take the necessary steps in procuring funding for this building, and providing students with the learning space they deserve.

Senior class officers Madelaine Kearing, Vincent Yu, Matt Schweiger, Tom George and Rob O'Reilly; junior class officers Danny George, Maddy Piccus, Kate McKenna; sophomore class officers Ryan Gallo, Teddy O'Reilly, Davin Steiger; freshman class officer Ben Gagne-Maynard