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Interested in saving Laughing Brook

It was about a year ago that I had communication with a friend of mine at the Trustees of Reservations ( in regards to the Laughing Brook property and the Burgess legacy. My friend's name is Gordon Clark. I have known him for many years and I know he has worked for the Trustees for quite a while. Gordon put me in touch with the director of this region and we had a short e-mail exchange which led me to understand that the Trustees would be interested in the Laughing Brook property but that Mass Audubon was not welling to let go of their ownership. Basically there was not much the Trustees could do, unless they get lots of backing from many people to make the change.

Since this exchange of e-mails I lost all my letters from the director because our computer got destroyed in one of the electrical storms that came through this area in the last couple of months. I do not remember the name of the woman I talked to. But, it would be a simple matter to get in touch with Gordon and start over again if you are wanting to start up a campaign to save Laughing Brook from Mass Audubon neglect.

I and a few of my neighbors feel very strongly that saving Laughing Brook should be a high priority. I am sure there is politics and all that involved but maybe with enough people backing the effort, something can be done. We got our library and senior center open again. Now let's work on saving Laughing Brook.

Steven Thomsen