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Iraq, part two

Date: 6/29/2011

There’s a bit of sarcasm in the title I chose and nothing at all funny for those serving in that war-torn hot-bed of malice and injustice.

At his confirmation hearing Leon Panetta, the new U.S. Defense Secretary, stunned his audience by stating that the shift in focus is back on Iraq because there are more Al Qaeda affiliates there then there is in Afghanistan.

I have to wonder if there are additional motives also like perhaps the fact that political assassinations occur daily and police and security personnel are prime targets. Could it have something to do with growing anti-Americanism in the region or the prospects of an all-out civil war? Maybe it has something to do with religious persecution or that this country is of a vital strategic interest of the United States. From a business standpoint, Iraq is sitting on the world’s third-largest oil reserve. The notion also exist that a weaker Iraq may lend itself easy prey to its neighbors.

One thing is for certain, it will not become “The Forgotten War” because it seems likely we’ll be dealing with it forever!

Bill Paul


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