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Issue with Gorman

Date: 12/18/2014

On Nov. 18 I had the privilege of meeting with the Board of Selectmen during a Public Forum Hearing. I summarized the events of the past several months regarding the nuisance caused by three horses stabled on my neighbor’s property, specifically the excessive and uncontrolled odor and insects inherent to stabling horses. After presenting this summarization, I intended to address questions and issues regarding what was summarized, as well as address any questions regarding the incident report I submitted with the East Lonmeadow Police concerning comments made by Selectman William Gorman during a telephone conversation about this nuisance on Nov. 7.

Selectman Gorman, instead of rationally addressing the relevant issues, proceeded to respond in an exceedingly unprofessional, uncivil manner, directing a profound, angry outburst towards me during which he made the accusation “I’m telling you face to face you’re a liar.” He also made the completely irrational accusation that, regarding my motivation for making this nuisance claim, “I (Mr. Turnberg) was being driven by his (Mr. Gorman’s) personal family issues.” A very heated argument ensued.

This has always been Selectman Gorman’s style of response to anyone or anything with whom he disagrees; he is either unwilling, or simply unable, to address issues relevant to his position as selectman in a calm, logical, objective manner. I stand by my talking points, and the incident report I made to the Police Department. However I sincerely apologize to Mr. Federici and Ms. Thorpe, and those in attendance, for my own angry and emotional response in which I attempted to defend myself from Selectman Gorman’s inflammatory tone and remarks;  my intention was to discuss the issues firmly and objectively, but this was undermined by Selectman Gorman’s unprofessional behavior and temperament.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Richard Turnberg
East Longmeadow