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Job training isn’t complete solution

Date: 4/24/2015

While it is commendable that Sen. Lesser supports job training, he seems to think that the only reason why people are unemployed is because they are uneducated. After people learn the skills for “tomorrow’s jobs,” will those jobs remain in Massachusetts, or even the USA? Jobs can be exported while a student is learning it.

Look at the want ads.  Some software ads list about 10 different criteria that no one would have in a million years. The employer then says he cannot find anyone. This is a reason for his friendly congressman to allow the work to be  done in a cheap labor country or import the cheap labor.  

Twenty years ago the requirements would have been more general for a position. In effect the expense and risk of bearing the cost of the training has been shifted to the student. In effect he is studying to fill a position at one company, because other companies are using some other tools and software and his training will not be a precise match. So about 20 people will be trained for that one position. One will get it. The others will be left with student loans and no job. They will also be faulted for not paying back the loan.

About two years ago a women asked Obama why her husband could not find a job, though he had education and experience. Obama said he would get back to her. Many of us are still awaiting his answer.

Robert Joseph Underwood