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Job well done

Date: 7/3/2013

My congratulations go out to our State Auditor Ms. Susan Bump for the great job she performed auditing the Department of Transitional Assistance. What frustrates me is why the previous auditor missed this opportunity to leave office with a feather in his hat for discovering this blatant abuse.

Her audit revealed how millions of dollars were being lost because of fraud with the EBT card. This is not meant to condone everyone who uses this card, but her audit showed how this card was being abused by a small number of users.

There have been many calls and letters written to our state legislatures to look into a possible EBT fraud, but these requests only fell on deaf ears.

What it really boils down to is no matter what political party you belong to, the most important thing you must do is when you see something is wrong, you try to fix it. You are supposed to work for the entire state and not for one small segment of the population.

Roland L. Archambault