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Kudos to Lorraine

Date: 2/21/2013

I've read with interest the compelling news stories surrounding the establishment of the Chicopee Soup Kitchen by Lorraine Houle, an obviously very caring and compassionate woman. Unfortunately, it is rare that we are blessed with someone as dedicated to the plight of the less-fortunate as Lorraine Houle and I truly wish her well in her retirement.

I've read of her starting the soup kitchen in a small room with little more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches feeding 13 people to a very welcoming facility today with an annual operating budget of $285,000 that was unforeseen all those years ago. Through Lorraine's dedication and resourcefulness, she, along with the many volunteers at the soup kitchen, certainly have made a difference within the city of Chicopee.

In contrast, I happened to be at the St. James Avenue Big Y this past Saturday and observed a woman purchase six lobsters and two pounds of scallops totaling just over $167 and observed with shock and dismay as she paid with an EBT card. Really!

This is why, I, as a hardworking taxpayer, think we ought to go back to charitable organizations "assisting" the less fortunate among us. I am quite certain that Lorraine Houle never had lobster and scallops on the menu at the soup kitchen.

Joe Tetrault