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Kudos to Town of East Longmeadow, Henry and Roger

It is our pleasure to call to your attention the friendly and competent service rendered to us today to correct a problem with our ground water drain.

Our sump pump backed up leaving some 3 to 4 inches of water in the basement. A visit by a reputable pumping service was not effective in clearing the root build-up in the pipe. Your employees, Henry and Roger, worked diligently to locate the problem and used a long hand-snake to free the water flow at the entrance to the storm drain. It is trying at any time to face this kind of mess, but on a Sunday, it seemed hopeless.

Though we will be busy for some time cleaning up the basement, at least getting the pipe in working order immediately lowered the water level. We hope you will commend these two employees for their cooperation and willingness to come to our aid.

If you are issuing any merit badges, please be sure to honor Henry and Roger!

With our sincere appreciation for a job well done from two very grateful senior citizens,

Ernie and Betty Page

East Longmeadow