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Lack of Site Hampers Senior Center

Date: 10/29/2010

Who says the Friends of the Senior Center cannot meet their quota of $2,000,000 for the construction of a new facility? Some city fathers obviously did not speak with President Adele Tawrel when they recently expressed their doubts. If they had, they would have learned that the Friends have already completed the very lengthy and difficult process of obtaining registration as a nnprofit organization. This means all donations can be applied as a tax deduction. Furthermore, we have already raised over $250,000 and plans are in place to raise an additional $100,000 in the next year, says the president.

the Friends are not alone in their convictions. Some well-known and respected city leaders obviously have faith in them as well. Former mayor Richard Kos and City Treasurer Ernest Laflamme have already offered their services to head up a formal fundraisng effort. The only thing holding up the full-scale drive at this time is the frustrating hesitancy on the part of the city officials to determine where the new centher would be located.

The Friends are greatly encouraged by the tentative inclusion of a new center a the Uniroyal/Facemate Project and would enthusiastically support that central and accessible location. That would make our fundraising job a lot easier if they would just give us a site that we can call our own, stated Mrs. Tawrel. The site selection delay has alreadyhurt our fundraising efforts as an offer of over $100,000 toward a new center was withdrawn because the donor was tired of waiting for the city to make a commitment.

According to the Friends of the Senior Center, there is no doubt that they can do their job of raising the $2,000,000 quota. It's time for the city leaders to do their theirs.

Adele Tawrel

President, Friends of the Senior Center