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Land threatened

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, I attended an East Longmeadow Planning Board meeting regarding the proposed development of a subdivision in the same location where Lowe's previously tried to enter. This new proposed subdivision is by developers that have Lowe's as a tenant elsewhere. The current proposed plan would blemish or destroy a beautiful green corridor that now runs from North Main Street at Harkness Avenue to Westwood Avenue, and includes a lot of wetlands, at least one flock of wild turkeys, and other animals. Traffic on North Main Street would surely be affected. Compared to the gravity of this possible subdivision development, hardly any citizens attended this October 3 meeting.

Please come out to join the discussion about the future use of this land at the meeting of the East Longmeadow Planning Board at the East Longmeadow Town Hall Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 6:30 p.m.

Elizabeth M. Dougal, Esq.

East Longmeadow