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Less of the political game wanted

Date: 7/26/2010

The race for state representative in the Second Hampden District has generated a lot of interest. The Republican primary will feature two fine candidates; Marie Angelides and Jack Villamaino. Supporters of both candidates are excited to have an opportunity to vote for someone that will actually represent the voters for a change instead of representing the political machine in Boston.

In recent weeks some of Jack Villamaino's supporters have used the pages of this paper to attack Marie Angelides. While it is perfectly fine to point out the differences in political views, it does not help your candidate at all when you misrepresent the position of their opponent. I know Marie Angelides and I can tell you that these attacks do not represent her views at all.

Who is Marie Angelides? She is the daughter of a Greek immigrant. She is a wife, a mother, a small business owner and she is someone that has had enough with a Statehouse that is not accountable to the people they represent. Marie Angelides is a political newcomer. As such she does not have the political savvy of most candidates for public office. Instead, she has real life experience that is essential to understanding the concerns of the voters. As a small business owner she sees first hand how policies coming from Beacon Hill have created obstacles that have prevented the growth needed to create jobs.

Both Marie Angelides and Jack Villamaino have a positive message for the future of the Commonwealth. I would like to hear more of that and less of the political game that turns off far too many voters.

Michael Stasiowski