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Let's be fair

Kudos to the Reminder's fair, unbiased report of Dominic Sarno's announcement to run for mayor of Springfield.

Mr. Ryan and the Springfield papers continue to question Mr. Sarno's experience.

Mr. Ryan was a young lawyer in the 60s when he first ran, with no experience in government.

Did Mayor Ryan ever vote no when the control board voted to:

a) End all city employee contracts?

b) Lay off custodians and cafeteria workers and hire them back as temps with no benefits?

c) Change insurance carrier with draconian effects on the employees and retirees?

d) End the Canadian Prescription plan at great costs to employees and especially elderly retirees and their families?

The city is recovering, but sadly it's been out of workers and retirees budgets.

When Mayor Ryan was mayor in the 1960s, he was against collective bargaining.

The Springfield papers are anti-labor.

Mayor Ryan has always been anti-labor.

That's been Mayor Ryan's "experience" since the 1960s.

Joseph D. Daly