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Litter one of many problems

Litter abundance just one facet of a very shallow culture. Many tread through the paved ways abutting vehicular traffic. When snow blocks and sidewalk safety is abandoned, they contend with vehicular traffic and unknowns controlling tons of kinetic energy. it's rather obvious that litter source is from the vehicle which begs the question: Who are these slobs? Look at bottle labels and see the alcohol content.

Apples fall not far from the tree. So, too, these containers from the imbiber's lips. Plenty are seen at "point-of-sale." Whether tossing is before key turn or at speed, the blood-alcohol possible is disturbing. The graduation, of late, seems to be from nip (50 ml.) to the more macho half pint+. Isn't that "cool"!

Fresh off some survey; my insurance company passed the facts to me. Any phone conversation while piloting the auto diminishes brain processed to the same degree as that of DWI. Now, combine the booze with the phone. Government shows little to no action. Whether it's walk access/use rights, bottoms-up and drive, or littering. Money, as usually, is at the root of it all. It has flowered into your vanity. I guess Cool cohabits with Slob.

Paul Cooke

East Longmeadow