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Longmeadow Residents Should Tour High School

As a member of the Longmeadow High School Building Committee (SBC), I encourage the residents of the Town of Longmeadow to attend a scheduled Public Tour of the High School on Oct. 18 at either 11:30 a.m. or 3 p.m.

The SBC is presenting working with the State of Massachusetts to perform a feasibility which will determine whether to renovate the existing High School or build a new High School. In looking at the situation at hand, the Town of Longmeadow needs to do one or the other and can not afford the negatives of not doing anything. By having the Town's people in attendance at either of the Public Tours would provide the residents a better understanding why further action needs to taken. Some of the building's issues involve: 1) out-of-date codes related to Handicap Access, Mechanical and Electrical, 2) classrooms which are inadequate in size for the number of students in a class and 3) general conditions of the overall building.

I ask the residents of Longmeadow to take two hours on Oct. 18 and attend either of the public tours.

Rich Bistran