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Look at littering laws

Date: 5/12/2010

Perhaps it is time to check on ordinances and fines regarding littering in our area towns and cities. Some towns and cities have tougher ordinances than state laws which is true in many states across the country.

The need for raising revenue in many communities may be solved, in part, by the collections of fines from individuals who are cited on charges of littering on public lands and parks.

Massachusetts littering abstracts of state statutes and legislation declares; a fine of not more than $5,500 for the first offense and not to exceed $15,000 for each subsequent offense.

This information is of the "National Conference of State Legislature" and is intended as a reference for state legislators of Massachusetts.

Other states vary in their citation for littering and their related penalties.

Caring for our environment while collecting monies in fines for littering infractions is a "win win" in my book!

Bill Paul