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Mayor is tilting at windmills

Date: 2/8/2012

February 8, 2012

Chicopee’s mayor must be a fan of Don Quixote.  He’s submitted numerous orders to the city council that have been rejected time and time again, yet he continues to waste their time on the same issues they continue to say “no” to.

And now a casino in Chicopee?   The mayor states that “city officials have discussed a casino for his city with Penn National Gaming.”  “His” city?  What about “our” city and “our” prior vote on the issue?

Chicopee voters said “no” to casinos when the question appeared on the ballot.  So why are discussions going on and what “city officials” are participating in those talks? 

The mayor and the unnamed “city officials” are wasting the taxpayers money that pays their salaries on an issue the majority of voters are opposed to.  

Did he forget his election was to represent the voters, not his own personal desires?  The voters already said “no” to casinos.  What part of “no” does he not understand?

Casinos creating more low income jobs in a city with a high level of low income school children is the wrong direction for their parents and Chicopee.  But fortunately for residents, the mayor appears to be chasing another windmill.   

Jim Rachilla


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