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Once again our Washington representatives have fallen on their faces. In 1993 when the Trade Center was bombed, they did nothing; the end result was 9/11. These people are supposed to represent us. However, they seem to be interested in helping other nations rather than the people who pay their salaries.

They spend more time working on getting re-elected and working on "pork" items that often waste our money. Like a control tower that couldn't see the runways, two bridges that were not needed and an airport that had no planes going to it.

The dikes in New Orleans were a well-known fact that they could only handle up to a Category 3 storm. This fact was ignored and we have the result. There were no plans by the city of New Orleans, the state of Louisiana or the federal government to handle a storm of this size.

I feel sorry for these unfortunate people. Now watch when politicians start playing the game of "pin the tail on the donkey."

W.M. Osgood