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Money, ethics and morals

Date: 5/17/2010

The episodes of larceny and trespassing that have occurred in Longmeadow over the last few days have convinced me that our high school truly needs fixing. For those who are not aware, there have been multiple instances of people stealing "No" signs from people's lawns. These acts have been perpetrated by groups of high school age children, sometimes driven in cars by what appear to be their parents. Assuming that these are not hired mercenaries from neighboring towns it is a safe assumption that these are fellow Longmeadow residents!

Clearly our high school has done a terrible job in educating the pupils committing these criminal acts. Perhaps we need more history teachers to explain to our children the founding principles of democracy upon which our country was founded. The Constitutional right to free speech, as well as the concept of private property, were clearly not imparted to these pupils. (And this may have been a problem for generations, assuming their parents were also Longmeadow educated.)

Perhaps adding classes in ethics and morals would be of value.

Certainly these sorts of values are difficult to teach without a good example being set at home.

It is good that we see that the real problem with Longmeadow High is not going to be fixed by a new building! Clearly our money would be best spent in a new paint job, and then taking the rest of our precious tax dollars and putting those toward improved education via more teachers and smaller classes!

Are we really being asked to spend almost $80 million based on a group whose ethical and moral standards are clearly so questionable? What lies and half truths may be hidden within their promises if they cannot respect the basic rights of free speech and democratic debate.

Are we to allow a group of thugs and hooligans to take over our town?

Think about it before committing our town to 20 years of financial hardship.

Susan Altman