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Money Problems

Date: 2/23/2009

Regarding President Obama's proposed stimulus package: Republicans are blaming Democrats for throwing money at problems? Ha! Give me a break. What, pray tell, do the Republicans call all the taxpayer money that disappeared without a trace; to contractors in Iraq? Or the millions and billions, no strings attached, showered on the bankers and Wall Street geniuses who have brought our economy down while continuing to give themselves bonuses and own $35,000 antique commodes? Or the money the Bush government spent lying about and dismantling our laws on the environment, labor, consumer safety, the Justice Department, etc. If anyone wins the prize for throwing taxpayer money away, it's the Republicans.

If the Republicans really want to do something useful, I suggest they throw away the mean-spirited, topic evading rules of dis-engagement written by Karl Rove and focus on what this country's citizens really need affordable healthcare, strong public schools, safe infrastructure, consumer protection laws to protect our environment, workers and small businesses, support for the disabled and an aging population among them. Isn't that what government for the people is supposed to be about?

James Dionne

West Springfield