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Neal works for the district

Date: 5/1/2012

May 2, 2012

I understand that campaign funding is an important part of politics. Having run a local school committee race the expense of running for office is substantial at the local level, so running in a congressional district must compound the need and expense.

Also, I have worked with Congressman [Richard] Neal and have found him to be extremely intelligent. He definitely understands if he is to be elected he needs to address the needs of the district and represent the values of his constituents. If he were to place the desires of lobbyists above those of his district he would not be re-elected. That is one reason why Neal has always been responsive to us.

Washington politics must be complex and spending time there must influence a person. I am reminded of the composer Frederick Chopin who left Poland as a young man and spent most of his remaining life in France. While he accomplished great things there, when he died his body was buried in France, but his heart was brought back to Poland and placed in a pillar of Holy Cross Church in Warsaw. Chopin's request was because his heart always was in Poland.

Neal may spend time in Washington, but he works for us, bringing back federal road repair money, Title 1 educational funding, a Veterinary School to the district, saving local auto dealerships, providing funds for school lunch programs, running a local SIDS road race to help because a local family lost their baby to SIDS, bringing funds to help with Baystate Medical Center and Mercy Hospital, working on issues about Westover [Air Reserve Base] and the Air National Guard Base at Barnes to name just a few things he has done for us here in Western Massachusetts.

While it is difficult to fund a Congressional campaign and money may come from outside the district, it is clear to me that Neal's heart is always in Western Massachusetts.

Mike Pise


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