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Valley Radio Reading Service seeks your support

My name is Kevin Durocher and I am director of the Valley Radio Reading Service here in Springfield.

We make available reading material so our friends and neighbors who are blind and print impaired are able to stay in touch with the community. We broadcast to closed-channel radios. Please consider us an audio newsstand.

We are conducting a fund raising initiative called Project 23. We are soliciting gifts of $23 to the Service, to pay for the purchase of one of the radios we make available to new listeners. A person or business can have their name attached to the radio, identifying them as a sponsor.

I would be more than happy to talk further about this fabulous Service. I can be reached at 747-7337.

People can send their contributions to: Valley Radio Reading Service, 1 Federal St., Bldg 104-2r, Springfield, MA 01105.

Kevin Durocher

Valley Radio Reading Service