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Override Important

I am writing in support of the Town of Longmeadow's election of 6 November 2007. I support the override vote, which will be on the ballot that day.

I believe that we should have a record turn out of voters. I believe that a large turn out will accurately reflect the views and values of the town.

I have been a resident of Longmeadow since 1976. I began working here in 1971. I am now a retired teacher of the Longmeadow Public Schools. I still live here. This town is an excellent place in which to live.

My brief argument for a Yes vote is this. A quality community costs money. It always has and it always will. Our support of police, fire, public works, parks and recreation, library and schools represents an investment. This is a real investment that pays off in the monetary value of our homes, but more importantly in the quality of life in our community.

Offering and maintaining a reasonably high quality of public services is a mark of distinction for Longmeadow. This kind of support enhances property values and the deserved reputation of the town. It lets all of our citizens know that they are valued and supported. It promotes a healthy community spirit.

If the override fails to pass, we will be facing some minor cuts this year, but major cuts next year. The quality of life in our community will suffer.

The quality of life that we associate with Longmeadow requires our continuing and growing support.

I call on all eligible voters in Longmeadow to vote on Tuesday, 6 November. I ask all who care and share these values to vote yes.

John J. Fitzgerald