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Pitiful priorities

Isn't it wonderful how the city of Springfield is getting a chance to be the home of Bart Simpson and family. It's absolutely imperative that we waste no time getting this accomplished. After all, we do have the background for it.murders, gang violence, corrupt politicians (bilking the city out of millions), overcrowded homeless shelters, street walkers, all the homeless people the city can accommodate, and of course potholes.

"At least that's the way it used to be".There's a great change going around in Springfield right now in case you haven't noticed. First, it is a straight shoot from the hip mayor who hits the target every time honestly, a bunch of city councilors who are attempting to clean the streets and are making great progress (Dom Sarno for one), and a police commissioner who knows his job and how to communicate with the people. So let's back the city's community relations director and some others to bring Bart and his family to move to Springfield and have it as their hometown. Let's go back to the days we were used to so that we can all stay inside our house and watch Bart, Homer, and the rest of the Simpsons. Since, by the way, it will be the only safe place to be at night anyway!

Peter Nascimbeni