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Ponder somebody else besides Kerry Healey

While reading G. Michael Dobbs op-ed piece on gubernatorial ponderings my first thought was why Mr. Dobbs didn't ponder anyone else beside Kerry Healey.

Does G. Michael ever ruminate about how long it would take Deval Patrick to undue Proposition 2 1/2 with the help and blessing of the democratically controlled legislature or how quickly he could have the taxpayers (the ones fleeing this state in record numbers) picking up the tab for college educations for any and all illegal immigrants? Does Mr. Dobbs ever think about what it would be like watching a governor "stuck" up to his neck in anger about being displaced from two boards try to lead this democratically controlled state? Does he want to establish a pool on how long it will take the corruption to resettle in Springfield when Mihos turns the city back to the control of those who bankrupted it in the first place? Does Mr. Dobbs ever ponder how much it would cost to support the programs that Grace Ross wants so that we can continue to subsidize more Harvard graduates who choose to earn under $20,000 a year and let the taxpayers provide "programs" to make up the difference?

Mr. Dobbs may have been able to deliberate on someone beside Kerry Healey if he hand'nt devoted one third of his editorial to Mitt Romney. Shouldn't that have come under "presidential ponderings" or has Romney decided to throw his hat in the gubernatorial ring while I wasn't looking? Maybe that's coming in a future editorial and maybe he could devote more than three lines to the citizens changing their members of the legislature but then again that might be coming too close to the real problem.

Forgive me, I'm just "pondering" a few things of my own.

Linda Fitzgerald

East Longmeadow