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Proud to Teach at Holy Cross

In a recent edition, the local daily newspaper gave front page prominence to the declining enrollment of most Catholic schools in the Springfield diocese. We are proud to be teachers at Holy Cross School in Springfield, a school with a steady enrollment of over 400 students Pre-K to grade eight, with two classes per grade, a curriculum based on Diocesan and Massachusetts frameworks, an up-to-date technology program, Spanish, advanced and remedial classes, a sparkling, clean environment, community service and many extras including sports, music lessons and a band. In two of the last three years the valedictorian of Cathedral High school has been a Holy Cross graduate.

Thank you to our pastor, principal, parents and parishioners who make it possible for children of parishioners and non-parishioners to be blessed by their enrollment in a school that prepares them academically, socially and spiritually for a world in need.

Claire T. Cote, Principal, Jean Whitlock, Ellen Moskal, Jennifer Nicosia, Doreen Mathews, Katherine Brutnell, Terry Rollings, Patricia Schufreider, Elizabeth Rainey, Meagan Keiser, Melanie Kornacki, Melinda McQuade, Patricia Lynch, Mary Bedore, Jacqueline Perrin, Christina Bracci, Phyllis Lund, John Buldrini, Carol Brown, Remedial Reading teacher: Mary Lorraine Dupuis-Moyna, Remedial Mathematics teacher: Loretta Gaffney, Music teacher: Sarah Campbell, Math teacher: Renee Baillargeon, Technology teacher: Diane Dodds, Physical Education/Health teacher: Lori Maliga, and Charlene Yonkonski.

Holy Cross School teachers, Springfield