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Questions Regarding Recount

There have arisen some questions regarding the recent recount of votes pertaining to Article 39 in the Longmeadow Town Warrant of April 25, 2006.

Article 39 needed a simple majority to pass. After debate the vote was called. The first vote was a simple show of hands. The vote was too close to call visually; therefore a second standing vote was called to count all voters. That count revealed Article 39 failed by a vote of 87 against and 86 for. As soon as this vote was announced, a motion was made for a recount of votes. According to Longmeadow's Town By-Laws, Article 3, Section 325, "If a vote is taken in a Town Meeting and if the decision of the Moderator is doubted by seven (7) or more voters, the Moderator shall request the house be seated and shall appoint tellers." Seven citizens approached the microphone and requested a recount. In accordance with Longmeadow's By-laws a recount was then ordered. After recount, Warrant Article 39 passed. Longmeadow's by-laws only require one recount.

Warrant Article 39 was then announced as passed.

I hope this helps to answer any parliamentary questions that may be lingering. It was a straightforward application of Longmeadow's By-Law Article 3, Section 325, Counting Votes.


Ronald M. Hastie

Town Moderator