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Select Board unresponsive

On Jan. 7, the Longmeadow Select Board confirmed what most citizens have been saying about them for over a year. This is the worst, least responsive, uncaring group in the memory of our citizens. They once again demonstrated their moral and intellectual shortcomings with an us vs. them attitude regarding our water/sewer problem.

What they basically said was that they had in fact overbilled our water/sewer customers. "We made a mistake," said Hal Haberman, Select Board chair. Unlike in the real world we live in if you are overcharged, you simply contact your supplier and a corrected bill is sent for payment. Longmeadow has threatened our citizens with late penalties, liens on residences and even shut down of water if we won't pay the bill on time and in full. Why do they bully us? Because they can. We have no recourse under this new, representative government. Thank you Roger! Oh, yes. They have promised to repay the overcharge based on a strange formula only they seem to understand. Their promise? You think about past promises.

We have no choice. Time is too short to set up an escrow account so we can pay on time without their threats. We have no choice. No human can live without water. As long as we have this group in charge, we face a continuing battle for our rights.

Samuel and Susan Altman