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Snowy Sidewalks

A federal investigation found East Longmeadow had walks, a.k.a. public facilities in U.S. Civil Rights law, that were not cleared of ice or snow nor to the specifications mandated. A letter to that effect has reached this local entity (The Reminder has a copy) and all know who is responsible for the obstacle removal.

Federal laws, some one and a quarter century old, and many more recent protect the populace from the servitude we see demanded by "local ordinance."

Snow is just one obstacle that might block trails and passage ways that are human improvements to the natural environment (paved). Some public facilities are sensible while others are for frivolous wants. In all cases the taxes will pay the maintenance costs whoever the maintainer is.

Failure to comply can be very expensive as some other state or local governments have found out. Those bike trails popping up all over are the expensive wastes that many have forenoted.

In the town yards, the equipment to remove ice, snow, etc. for walks are conspicuous by their absence.

Winter is knocking at the door!

P. Cooke

East Longmeadow