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Students need exercise

Today Boston City Councilor Michael Ross plans to file a measure urging members of the Boston School Committee to require students in the city's middle and high schools to devote at least 225 minutes weekly to physical education as an antidote to students weight and behavior problems.

Here in Western Mass. we should be adopting and advocating similar plans. An healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. We are not providing enough physical activity in this country and in our own locale to combat the epidemic of obesity and sedentary lifestyle in our youth.

We are not setting by example models for our children and, if we do not step up to the plate, begin to act now...this next generation will not live to be healthy and successful adults.

Statistics show us that one out of three children in America are considered overweight and 15 percent are considered obese. Heart disease and diabetes type II are rapidly taking over as our main concerns for the young. Fast foods allowed in our school cafeterias, eating on the run and junk food and TV commercials are plaguing our youth.

Education is not just reading, writing, math and science. We do not advocate taking away the important pieces of education but adding physical education should not be just an option or extra curricular activity.It should be must be a daily occurrence.

It is never too late to set the example, up the standards and do what is right. Right for all Americans and especially for our young. If we invest in our young today...they will benefit for a lifetime.

Susan Jaye-Kaplan

Go FIT, Inc.