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Thanks to the Longmeadow Senior Center

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the entire staff of the Longmeadow Senior Center for their dedication and hard work and for all the good they do for the seniors in our community. The Center is known for the quality programs it provides to seniors. I was recently invited to provide a hearing screening and information program highlighting hearing loss and intervention options. A number of families received current information and recommendations that will assist them in receiving help with their hearing needs.

I personally witnessed the same day the many other services that were being sponsored at the same time. There were people receiving assistance with insurance questions. A number of people were able to access their physicians because volunteers were assisting them with transportation to their doctor appointments. Denise Perlacki, R.N., was planning health clinics blood pressure checks, wellness programs and answering questions about urgent medical issues for a number of seniors. The bridge club was readying themselves for an enjoyable time together that day as I was packing my equipment. I learned that Longmeadow Senior Center has welcomed folks from Hampden to their bridge club when the program in Hampden for seniors closed. Down the hall a group was exercising while another group was socializing in the dining room. The thrift store was open, serving customers and receiving donations from the community. As I was leaving I was impressed with the type and number of programs for seniors that were highlighted on the community bulletin board for the next weeks.

The day I visited, I was welcomed like an old friend. I noted an environment that was inviting, happy and busy. I decided that this group of folks deserves to be thanked and acknowledged for all that they do. I hope this letter serves in a small way to accomplish that purpose.

Megan Schneider, M.A., CCC-A