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Thank You

I wish to thank the people who helped me on Thursday, September 6, 4:30 p.m., after my car became disabled at the Pride Gas Station, corner of Pleasant and North Main Streets, East Longmeadow. I could not get any help at the gas station because the garage was closed. But three good samaritans, who were buying gas offered their help, namely; Adele, a gentlemen (I did not get his name) and Mike Leone. Mike did not have jumping cables with him but went home and got them. He came back and jumped my battery and the car started. He volunteered to follow me home to Brownstone Gardens and thankfully God he did because I drove about five feet and the car "died." Mike jumped the battery again and the car started. Again, the car "died." This went on for three times before I got the car inside Brownstone Gardens. Mike made sure I had it parked in a safe space overnight. This was now 6:30 p.m. and a perspiring Mike said, "Now I'm going home to take my son to his game." God bless you Mike for your extreme kindness and concern.


Julia P. Barchielle

East Longmeadow