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Survival Center staff thanks you

Editor's note: Reminder Publications would like to thank all the persons who contributed to our food drive. We received the following letter of gratitude from the Community Survival Center director.

On behalf of the Survival Center staff, volunteers and families I would like to thank you [Reminder Publications] for your recent donation of 168 pounds of tuna, peanut butter and desperately needed canned goods.

Your gift could not have come at a better time as requests are up and donations are down. Hunger is 12 months a year but most donations seem to revolve around the holiday season and the letter carriers food drive in May. Our food programs offer assistance to over 300 families each month. During the coming months the number of people seeking help will increase considerably and so will the need for continuing donations, both monetary and food items. In the past two months alone about 2,400 individuals received over 30,000 pounds of food through our programs. These numbers represent an increase in each of our programs; unfortunately, we anticipate the increases to continue.

For 24 years the Center has been able to assist thousands of individuals with food, clothing or household items because of the community. We are extremely grateful to you for your support. Without your help our work would not be possible.

Together we are making lives better, one person at a time.

Chris Cargile

Director of Community Survival Center, Indian Orchard