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Thank you

My daughter, Brittany and I want to thank the wonderful neighbors who supported us before, during and after the Zoning Board of Appeals public hearing on May 14.

The people who make up the neighborhood around "The Little Red Schoolhouse" officially called "Center Hill Park", along High St., School Street, Prospect St., Crescent Hill, Woodlawn, Westernview, and Somers Road, including "Simon's" dear friends at Inward Commons and Quarry Hill , are a special group of friends and neighbors who truly care.

It is a pleasure to have met you all, and we look forward to those we haven't met yet! WE want to publicly acknowledge our gratitude to all who took time out of their busy lives, to write letters of support, and for those who came to the public hearing!

And even though we lost this round, we gained something far more valuable; friendship, camaraderie and kinship which what is a community in the truest sense of the word!

I think it is so important to remember the simple concept of "love thy neighbor as thyself" and "treat others as you would like to be treated!"

Unfortunately, there are people, known as "complainers," who often think only of themselves, and may not care how their actions affect others. Who knows why people are negative, grumpy and mean, perhaps they weren't loved enough as a child? Who knows! But I want to focus on the positive!

We will be petitioning to get an Article on the warrant for a Special Town Meeting to change the wording, including the definition of the word "horse" and "miniature horse," in the Zoning Bylaws. I will need assistance from someone familiar with Town Government to write it up properly, and will need a few energetic people who are great organizers, to help with our grass roots effort, with signatures, etc. I hope to get that started within the next week or two.

To our dear neighbors, don't worry, you will still see "Simon" from time to time as we will bring him home for "visits" to his neighborhood, so he can see all his friends!

I want to thank Natasha Clark, the reporter from The Reminder who came to our home, and listened objectively to our story, and shared it with the community. Kudos!

As a result of the story, there has been an amazing outpouring of support from caring people from many communities. Thank you all for all of your thoughts, kind words, and offers to help in any way possible.

As one man said, "You just wait, horse people are a special breed, and they take care of their own!"

"Don't worry, the right situation will come along for you, your daughter and your two horses!"

We are getting invites to stop by and see various people in East Longmeadow, some of whom already have offered their old barns, or property that just might work for us. Thank you for all of you who continue to call and offer your heartfelt support.

How amazing, that one child's dream of getting a pet to share with others, to help bring happiness and joy to people (such as the elderly, sick or injured,) is indeed, bringing a community together for the benefit of all!.

This won't be the last you hear of "The little Miniature horse named 'Simon' who came to Town!" He is here to stay! Thanks to all of you!

Linda and Brittany Paquette

East Longmeadow