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Thank You, Whoever You Are

If all I have to say is thank you that would not be the beginning of my thanks. My wife lost her wedding ring on Friday. Where and when I don't know because she did not tell me until Saturday. She asked me when was the last time I saw it and I said "I don't know; it was on your finger." My wife had not been wearing it for a while due to problems all couples have but she started to wear it again. Lo and behold the time she wears it again it would not fit on her ring finger but only on her pinky finger. Back to the story of how she lost it. Monday my youngest daughter says, "Dad, when we were at Stop & Shop, IParty and Paneras I thought I heard Mom drop a quarter but I didn't look for it." So in my disbelief of human goodness called Stop & Shop and the girl at the desk said yes, someone found a tricolored gold wedding band in the parking lot. I shot up there in seconds but don't tell the police. Come to find out it was my wife's ring and I even showed the women at Stop & Shop the inscription on my ring to prove it. All I want to do is to thank the person woman, man, child whom ever found this ring you are what the world needs more of . If more people can be like this the world would be a happier place. Again thank you, whoever you are.

Steven Dudley