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The Pisani Family Thanks You for Your Support

The family of Robert (Bob) Pisani wishes to extend their utmost gratitude to everyone in the Longmeadow and surrounding communities, who have been so kind, supportive, and generous to myself, Lauren , and Joseph. Your support has helped us to navigate through some of the darkest days. My mother is presently battling cancer, and while I appreciate every act of kindness I have not been able to respond individually to each person. My time is split between my mother, children and doing many of the new tasks that Bob did for our family. I want every individual to know that your kindness, generosity, and support have helped to lift our family through our devastating loss.

I will never be able to tell you how much the Pasta for Pisani event meant to our family. I want to thank everyone that helped to make that event so wonderful and successful. Bob would have been amazed at the outpouring of support to our family. I don't believe our family fully realized the amount of lives he touched and just how much of a difference he made. I am grateful for all the letters, cards, pictures, and stories that were sent to us after Bob's death. They will help me to let Joseph know just who his daddy was. The pictures and letters drawn by students were what helped Lauren to first start talking about her loss. Bob's favorite tree was the Japanese maple, and I was so pleased when unknowingly this was the tree chosen to be planted in his memory. I wish to extend a special thanks to the faculty, staff, students, families, and local businesses who worked so well together to make that event the successful tribute it was.

I also want to thank everyone involved with the Stroll for Strength Walk/Run. We are honored that you chose to remember Bob during this event. Seeing the outpouring of support and the number of people who attended this event helped us to get through our first Thanksgiving without Bob.

We want to thank all the classes, schools, clubs, sports teams, families, parishes, businesses, staff, and the faculty who sent donations to the Pisani Children's Fund. They were able to help us financially by allowing us to remain in our home during the difficult period directly after Bob's death. This kind of security was truly God-sent, and we are so grateful for your assistance during this dark time.

We want to thank all of the schools, faculty, students, businesses, parishes, and the individuals from the "Don't Just Stand There" group, who donated so many gifts to our family during the Holidays. I don't know how we would have even tried to pull off a holiday this past December if it weren't for people like each of you, who just did it for me. Thank you so much for your benevolence, it meant so much to Lauren as well as me.

In closing, please know that every gift, whether material or emotional, is a meaningful part of our healing from this great tragedy. We will always miss Bob, and knowing that there are so many others who loved him has helped us to know we are not alone. Bob worked for the Longmeadow Schools, but we feel like we have been treated like family by this entire community. You should be proud of the wonderful children that your community is producing, for their empathy and caring nature is truly beautiful. We will forever be grateful.

Ginger, Lauren, and Joseph Pisani