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To all dog lovers and walkers

Here's a scenario, a fly ball deep to center field. A kid running after it makes a diving catch! The crowd starts to cheer only to be interrupted by a collective EWWWWWW!! Why? Not only did the boy come up with the ball, he also came up covered in dog poo!

Unfortunately this happens all too often. People bring their dogs for a walk to the local schoolyard, ball field or playground and fail to pick up after the dog. I imagine people do this to allow their pet to get some exercise, but I also believe they do it because it saves them from having to pick up Rover's droppings from their own yards.

Do you think the neighbors would like it if their lawn became a public restroom for canines? Well, schools and playgrounds are part of your neighborhood, too. All it takes is two seconds to clean up after your dog. You can even use the bags you get from the supermarket. You know, the ones that always seem to accumulate in your kitchen drawer.

For all those potential major league players, be it on the baseball, football or soccer fields, and for the children playing outside during recess, please pick up after your pet. It's not only fair to them, but to all the people who abide by the law as written on the signs posted at the entrances to the school.

Don Potter


Carolyn Wallace


Mountain View School