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Wood-Burning Furnaces

I would like to know with no rain through August, September, now October, why we can burn in the chimney stoves outside. This only makes sparks flying all over and smoke everywhere.

On Channel 40, they did a short story on people who have wood burning furnaces to heat their homes which, to me, is fine with the high cost of oil and gas. Why not, everyone is inside for the winter.

But the people who love to burn God only knows what can burn anytime. I'm caught between two neighbors who love to burn weekends and sometimes weekdays. I cannot open my windows because of the smoke all summer and fall. Longmeadow has a ban on these chimney stoves outside. Why can't we do the same. Why should they be able to burn anytime because they want to sit in front of a fire and drink liquor? Just to smoke up the neighborhood. Is there any other neighbors having the same problem. We pay for a burning permit in January to the end of April to burn brush. They burn whenever they like and whatever they want to burn. Town of East Longmeadow, where are you?

Sal Smith

East Longmeadow