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Is a run at Kerry's Senate seat worth it for potential candidates?

Date: 2/6/2013

By G. Michael Dobbs

So is Ed Markey an invincible opponent? Or is running to replace John Kerry for the rest of his term in the Senate just not worth it?

I was wondering about that as I see story after story about various Republicans say they are not considering a run. The Boston Herald ran a piece last week about some Republican Party officials running the idea of Ann Romney or her son Tagg being the candidate. Apparently there is little interest from either.

There was also a report from WCVB in Boston that former Gov. William Weld confirmed he is not interested.

Let's face it, a statewide run in a short time frame is no picnic and the idea that a candidate would have to do it again when the term is up is pretty daunting.

I certainly understand why Scott Brown passed this time. To get back into campaign mode, raise money and convince voters to give him another chance is a lot to ask a person in his position as well as his family.

I am surprised we've not seen a number of businesspeople or Republican members of the Legislature step forward for this opportunity. Perhaps Markey is perceived as unbeatable? That's difficult for me to swallow.

Who would you like to run on the Republican ticket?

And as for Scott Brown, I really think he will be our next governor.


Some of the happiest moments of my childhood were in the Boys Scouts. I joined the organization when my dad was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan and it was great. Our troop was very active and had a camping trip every month, a 50-mile hike at Christmas vacation and a week at summer camp.

Yes, I know in this day admitting Scouting was "cool" seems the height of nerdiness. So be it.

I think a well-run Scouting program is an enormous benefit for a kid. It can supplement your education, provide physical challenges and give teens a chance for leadership skills.

The news the Boy Scouts of America is now reconsidering its ban on barring gay Scouts and Scout leaders is admirable and I hope they elect to make those changes.

The assumption has been in the past, of course, that a gay Scout leader would be a predator even though law enforcement and mental health officials have long noted that child molesters are overwhelmingly heterosexual.

There is nothing sexual about teaching a kid how to build a fire to cook a meal or mentoring him in a merit badge course or supervising a hike.

Have there been Scout leaders who have abused the trust of boys and their parents? Yes, but have they been gay? Let's hope the Boy Scouts become the inclusive organization it should be.

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