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Is Mitt running for prez or not?

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

Here are some random thoughts and observations:

If Chicopee finds itself deadlocked again for a new School Superintendent then someone ought to take the School Committee out to the wood shed. And that "someone" ought to be the voters. There are candidates who offer real skills and talents and they should be fairly and objectively evaluated. There must be a decision this round. And if there isn't, Chicopee needs a new School Committee.

The friendliest people in Springfield are the folks who man the gate to Forest Park. No matter who is there to take your money or check your sticker, they are always cheerful. The Turnpike folks should take a lesson.

Tom Devine is an angry guy, thank all that's holy. Tom writes a great web site and he kicked the heck out of what he sees as an early disinformation campaign that is being launched against Springfield Mayor Charlie Ryan by the supporters of Tom Ashe, the School Committee vice chair who is running against Ryan. Log on and read it for yourself. Tommy writes a great rant.

Okay, here's another friendly person who is delight to meet: a woman who takes your parking fees during the day in the garage underneath the Interstate in Springfield closest to City Hall. I don't know her name but she hands out a hard candy with your change or receipt and always has a good word.

Did I miss the memo in which Governor Romney expressed a change of mind in running for president? I thought Romney had stated that he wasn't going to run for the Republican nomination, so why he is making numerous trips out of state and acting like a candidate? Well, I wonder what kind of accomplishments he will talk about with folks.

I received an op-ed piece this week by the governor about the need for auto insurance reform. What's taken him this long to address that crushing boondoggle?

I'm glad The Republican finally saw the validity of doing a story on Joe Ward, the Springfield man who lost his Keno license. Joe had gone to The Republican first, and then came to me when it looked like the daily wasn't going to report his story. I was happy to do it and I take it as a compliment that the daily decided to follow my lead.

Congrats to Western New England College for its new partnership with WAMC, Northeast Public Radio. No offense intended to WFCR, but we need more local news in our area radio broadcasts and WAMC specializes in local news programming. Having students learn radio news production first-hand and getting more stories covered on local radio is a winner for everyone.

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