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35 Ways to Praise Students

Date: 10/3/2005

Submitted by: Springfield School Volunteers 413-787-7015

You're a treasure,

You brighten my day,

Breathtaking, How artistic,

You're incredible, You've got it,

You're sensational,

The time you put in really shows,

How smart, Creative job,

You're #1,

You're a shining star,

That's the best,

Now you're flying, You're a winner,

Beautiful work, You're unique,

Exceptional Performance,

You're responsible,

You're sharp,

You've got what it takes,

You're special, Excellent job,

You learned it right,

You're inspiring,

You're the greatest, Good,

What a great listener, You're tops,

You've earned my respect,

You're very talented,

Fantastic job, Dynamite,

Take a bow.


Chris & Dan

Civically-Responsible Co-Publishers

P. S. We are grateful for the educators who provided us with enough knowledge to successfully grow our family newspaper business since 1962. Have you hugged your child's teacher lately?!