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From Adversity Many Find Strength

Date: 11/7/2005

Label him "too stupid to learn,"

and you have a Thomas Edison

Make him a "hopeless" alcoholic, and you have

Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Tell her she's too old to start painting at 80,

and you have a Grandma Moses.

Afflict him with periods of depression so severe

that he cut off his own ear, and you have a Vincent Van Gogh.

Max Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam and formerly headed the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C. He is now serving as a Democratic U.S. senator from Georgia.

Patricia Neal, the fine actress who suffered a severe stroke, but rehabilitated herself against overwhelming odds.

Blind him at age 44, and you have John Milton,

who, 16 years later, wrote "Paradise Lost."


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