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It Helps Me To Remember

(Thoughts About Being Human) Part 2 of 2

Our creativity: Our capacity to create works of art and music is enormous and largely untapped. Every person is innately highly

creative. Only hurtful experiences, sometimes involving competition, and persistent messages that "only some people are artists" block out natural creative urges.

Our children: Human babies are fully complete, only small and lacking experience. They want us to help them learn about our world. We want our children's lives to be good. Our society has given us few models of ideal child-rearing, but our natural caring has often seen us through. Our undivided attention is the most valuable thing we can ever give our children (or anyone else). Children get the best perspective on life when we are able to maintain a balance of giving

attention to their needs and interests and living our own lives as fully as possible.

Our parents: Our parents wanted our lives to go well, and to be

better then theirs. Even the best intentioned of them passed on some of their unresolved irrational behavior. Each new generation solves many of the problems of the last and retains more ability to act rationally.

Our ability to take charge of our lives: Each person, from the time she is born, wants to be in charge of her life. Society has largely thwarted this and taught us to

conform and to be controlled. The more we can take steps to regain control of our lives and allow young people to follow their own thinking, the more people will take on the challenges that will make the world better for all.

Our ability to love each other unconditionally: People are naturally loving toward each other. Only hurts limit or distort this natural love. Our capacity to love is limitless, not like a pie with only so much to go around. The more we give love, the more love we have to give.

By Meredith Laubin


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