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It Helps Me To Remember

(Thoughts About Being Human) Part 1 of 2

Our goodness: Each human baby is born good. There is no inherent evil that must be continually overcome.

Our intelligence: Human beings are incredibly intelligent. We have not yet seen anyone functioning at a level even close to the height of our potential.

Our learning: We are fully capable of learning anything we choose to investigate to any level we desire. There are no limits to what any person can learn and all present unsolved mysteries are just awaiting our attention in sufficient amounts.

Our need to communicate: We enjoy sharing our knowledge from a very early age. This is part of our naturally cooperative nature. Thinking about new ways to tell others what we have learned is a pleasure. Seeing the results of our effort to share information with another person, that his life is better, happier, is exciting.

Our need to express feelings: We all have a need to tell someone how it really is for us; our experience, our feelings, our successes, and our failures. This helps us to think more clearly. Our need to say some things must be recognized as just that - not because anyone needs to hear these words. It is naturally beneficial for people to cry, laugh, tremble, and rage to let out their feelings. Our state of mind and physical health both benefit significantly from release of emotions.

Our ability to change: Human beings are capable of a wide range of adaptations and transformations. Only past negative experiences cause us to limit ourselves to what feels comfortable, familiar or requires least effort.

(to be continued)

By Meredith Laubin


Chris & Dan,

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