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Lessons You Learned

Date: 4/2/2007

by Marlene Gerba

For every petal you pluck from a daisy,

You're granted one measure of love.

For every rainbow you find

with two ends,

I wish you two stars from above.

For every tear you brush from a cheek,

I promise you kindness will follow.

Wherever you walk,

under rainbow or stars,

Over daisies, or down lonely hollow.

For every child you play with

and talk to,

I grant you one heart full of


For every smile you

place on a face,

I promise you peace ever after.

If you think "I" am giving you

priceless gifts,

Look close at yourself and your deeds.

The gifts you earned were the lessons

you learned,

While answering other folks' needs.


Chris & Dan

Considerate Co-Publishers

P. S. Hope you all have a wonder-filled Spring.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and hearts.