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My Godfather, Uncle, Friend

Date: 3/17/2008

Tim Donahue 2/16/62-1/15/08

You left too soon. I'm too young to understand.

The times we will miss as I grow to a man.

You will be there in spirit, they have told me so.

They will tell me your stories and your pictures they'll show.

I know you will be near me, my mom asked you to.

To show me and guide me my whole life through.

A deal you two made on your way to the lord,

The last words spoken as you began to soar.

You may not be here to play airplane with me.

To lift me up high to soar like the wind.

But you'll be the breeze that runs through my hair

and the sunlight that shines right down on me there.

You may not be here when I'm alone in my room,

With big ugly monsters and witches on brooms.

But you'll be the moonlight that scares them away,

Giving me strength to keep them at bay.

You may not be here as I grow to a teen,

Voice ever changing and planning my dreams.

But you'll be my shadow when times are tough,

Show me the road, keep me out of the rough.

You may not be here when I am fully grown,

I will know you're around me in the ways you have shown

I will talk to you, cherish you, remember you dear,

For you are the kind of man I hope to be.

You may not be here while everyone weeps

They miss you, they love you, you have gone to sleep.

But you'll be the sparkle in this little guy

that makes them smile and dries their eye.

From Gavin by Shari Donahue


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